Kobe Leather Cooperative Association is an
organization consisting of manufacturers and
retailers based in Kobe.
Our mission is to establish KOBE LEATHER as the world-renowned premium brand from Japan.,

The most distinctive feature is its rarity.
Our leather made from the highly rare “Kobe Beef” can be produced quite limited number every year.


Historically, leather market in Japan has been dominated
by the foreign-made raw skins,
on the other hand the value of Japanese
cattle’s rawhides has been lower, and some have been even just disposed of.
Therefore, we are trying to increase the value of
the leather material from Kobe Beef by producing high-quality merchandise
through our Association’s network,
not to waste anything.





Similalites with the M&O concept.
The inspiration theme of Maison & Objet 2023 is "Take Care!".

What we Kobe Leather has been thinking about is
to use of Kobe beef without waste, which is a local special resource. We feel "mottainai" that cow
hides, which were raised for meat, have not been
properly utilized until now. And then we feel that it is our mission to bring it out into the world as
a valuable leather and as a leather product.

Be aware of local resources, respect them, and use them carefully. "Mottainai “spirit that the
Japanese have cherished since ancient times is
equal "Take Care!" that we think.

Maison&Objet2023JANのテーマは“Take Care!”

私たち神戸レザーが考え続けてきたことは、地域の資源である神戸牛を余すことなく使うこと。食肉として成育された牛の皮が、これまできちんと活用されていなかったことを“もったいないmottainai”と感じ、それを価値ある革として、革製品として世に出していくことを使命と感じています。地域のもつ資源に気づき、尊重し、大切に使う。ずばり日本人が昔から大事にしてきた『もったいないの精神』=“Take Care!”ではないのでしょうか。



and more ...


We are looking for potential business partners
who can enhance the brand value of Kobe
leather together. It will be great if we can find
a companies / partners that shares the same
values and vision. Eventually, we would like to
create world renown reputation gradually
through product development.
Please contact us if you are interested.

KOBE LEATHERでは、ともにブランドを育ててくれるビジネスパートナーを募集しています。